Drone Flown Into Firework Display

July 4th here in the United States is a day of three F’s: friends, freedom, and FIREWORKS!

How awesome would it be, though, to actually be in the fireworks display? Well, Jos wondered the same thing, and so he flew his DJI Phantom 2 into the explosions. I am personally amazed with the results, and even more so with the revelation that neither the quad-copter nor the GoPro were harmed at all during the flight.

Some, however, claim that he was being completely reckless and could have hurt someone had the Phantom been hit by one of the fireworks. While, technically, the area above and around the display is considered a no-fly zone, there are also safety procedures in place to protect on-lookers (not just pyrotechnicians) in the event that any mortars malfunction or anything of that nature.

However, I will note, that I’m only a photographer, and my knowledge on pyrotechnical safety is primarily anecdotal, so I could be wrong. Regardless, safety should always be your primary concern when operating any sort of radio controlled vehicle.


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