Towing the Line with Thresh – The Handless Gamer

Having been practically addicted to league of legends for a few seasons, I’m still completely wood-tier… in fact there’s a man who could beat me with no hands. Make no mistake this guy is a beast and his plays are just simply sick!  in a promo -deciding match from gold to plat he already showed excellent mechanics with Thresh as you can see. For me, that dragon fight just flat out made me laugh because he was kiting and laying down those flays so effectively. Soon enough his marksman was so big and fat she decided to double tower dive not long after for a triple, trusty max having her back all the way and never even went for an easy kill, hats off to that.  I’m sure anyone who’s given support a serious go loves the moments when your carry just spins out of control and wrecks everyone, knowing well you’ve put in sweat to get them to that point. Such Feels. The enemy team felt so stomped in fact they surrendered  right after this right near that magical 20 minute mark. GG
But the grind doesn’t stop there, he’s Diamond now, which is well within the skill range of the pros.

Watch out LCS!!!

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