Chromebox Brings Google Hangouts to Meetings

fm-heroGoogle Hangouts – A quick and easy (and not to mention free) way to get a group video call done the right way. These days more and more people and businesses are using Google Hangouts over Skype. Heck, I even got fired over a Google Hangout.

Google, for some time, has been offering a Chromebox set for more business-oriented meetings, which includes an HD Camera, a Bluetooth tabletop mic/speaker, and a little ChromeOS device that can be plugged into any HDTV or certain projectors. Now, they’ve upped the game even further with their new set with larger conference rooms in mind, sporting a second Bluetooth mic/speaker and a Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) camera.



Google Chromebox for Meetings in large rooms (which is a mouthful) also makes it easier to share those full-screen presentations and keep those Powerpoints on point.

If you or your business has been looking for a pretty awesome-looking video conferencing system, and you’re willing to shell out the $1999, this may be what you’re looking for. Although, you may be better off just shelling out the $700 for the PTZ camera and hooking it up to a laptop and the (maybe) $100 for a similar speaker/mic set.

Speaking of Google Hangouts, though. If you’d like to jump on a Google Hangout with the Attack of the Beards crew, leave a comment below!





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