Probably My Next Favorite Beer


The rumors are true! New Belgium and Ben & Jerry’s is teaming up to bring us a Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale! According to New Belgium, it will be arriving this Fall, just in time for winter, and I can say that I am quite excited.

For those into the box text, it reads:

When two B Corps come together, delicious ideas are created. our mutual dedication to using business as a force for good means you get to enjoy this brown ale laden with chocolaty, salted-caramel, vanilla goodness while helping Protect Our Winters combat climate change. Dig in!

So, here’s the deal: With the partnership between New Belgium, Ben & Jerry’s, and Protect Our Winters, they’re hoping to help raise some sort of awareness and take action against climate change. Now, I can’t exactly say how well the campaign will work in the area of raising awareness by itself, but I can imagine that some of the proceeds from the sales will be used to fund research into the refreezing of our polar ice caps.

Here are the facts, though:

  • Fat Tire and Snapshot are good go-to beers when nothing craftier is available
  • I’ve enjoyed most New Belgium brews
  • Ben & Jerry makes good ice cream
  • Salted Caramel = GOOD
  • Brownie = GOOD
  • Brown Ale = GOOD
  • This beer will be good
  • I don’t care that the last one was more of an opinion.
  • I’m going to buy a LOT of this.

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