Do You Boo 17 | Do You, Super Delegates, Do You

Episode 17 – Do You, Super Delegates, Do Youdoyouboo

This week, Charlita, Ben, and Morgan are covering many topics from the past week.

Famous People News

Political Minute

TV News/ new books & new music?

  • Game of Thrones things
  • Morgan is all about murder- Staircase documentary
  • Ben soon to return to the Android lifestyle

Local News

  • People pretend DFW is all one big city. IT’S NOT

Personal News

  • Morgan- trying to not eat past 5 p.m.? Also, I got a spiralizer!
  • Charlita- I’m hydrating non stop, trying to get my life together. I’ll be in Denver soon!
  • Ben- my phone has met its maker and vacay for me

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