I don’t really want to write this post, but it’s something that needs to be done. It’s with a heavy heart that this piece needs to be written.

As of today, Attack of the Beards will be placed on an indefinite hiatus. There will be no goodbye, no party, nothing. It will not go out with a bang, but with a whimper. The Attack of the Beards has been a passion project of mine from day one, and I would rather it went on forever.

For the last few months, our management team has been working out the numbers as to how much this site has been worth, and I’ve been fighting for it to make a turn around, but unfortunately, it hasn’t. We reached our peak about six months ago, and we haven’t seen any return since then.

Being the sole producer for the Attack of the Beards site, I’ve taken on a burden that a full sized team should, one that I could not handle at all. The short days and long nights have slowly bored its way into my personal and work lives. These are things that I can’t let sour. It also hasn’t helped with some personal issues that I need to attend to, and haven’t in some time. Granted, these are things that I don’t want to get into, as they are in regards to my family.

The reality of it is that this was a failed project even when it started. If you’ve followed my past projects before, there was the SKSFE Show, the Billy and Kolin Show, The ManCast Podcast, and many other before it. The Attack of the Beards was just another iteration of the same show. None of which could land, and it hurts that they wouldn’t. This time, we were actually backed by a financially stable company. Even then, things didn’t work out.

They say that sometimes holding on hurts more than letting go. I’ve been holding on for too long, and I’m letting it go now.

I want to especially thank my cohost, David, for all the time that he put into the show. I also want to thank all the guests we’ve had since the beginning: Cameron, Seth, Charlita, Jason, Sarah R., Tyler, Carl, Adam, Dallas, Manny, Sarah T., Michael Todd, Maryann, Olivia, and Thomas. Thank you all for going with the flow, even though you probably knew that this thing was going nowhere.

All in all, I’m very sorry to each and every one of you out there that believed in the Attack of the Beards. I wish there was more that I could do, but in reality, I couldn’t. This was just not meant to be.

Goodbye for now.


Kolin is a tech junkie with a knack for photography. He started playing games on an old 386 PC and an NES. After turning 21, he threw away the days of being a clean-shaven boy and just let his beard grow. When not taking photos, Kolin also publishes podcasts, videos, and fairly opinionated pieces on his site:

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  1. Scott says:

    This was a post I did not ever want to see. I really enjoyed every episode and looked forward to the next but I get it, when it isn’t fun anymore it is time to move on. I will really miss you guys…

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