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thebeardcasterA few months into starting The Attack of the Beards Podcast, we got post on our Facebook page from a new fan, with a link to a pretty elaborate blog post explaining how he came across our podcast and how into it he’s become.

He writes:

I stumbled upon this new podcast a couple of weeks ago.  I had just submitted my podcasts to the ITunes directory and I was checking the search field to see if it was up.  I found this other podcast, Attack of The Beards and I instantly subscribed.  Attack of The Beards isn’t aimed at me, other than what I assume as the hosts have beards, I am not really hardcore into gaming as these guys are, and that is what they mostly discuss.  I have listened to the last 4 episodes and am hooked.  I don’t know why, but I am.  They are guys like me, they make the same jokes, laugh at the same shit, and I get it.  Yeah I don’t “game” like these dudes but I find it interesting to listen to them.  I mostly like when they go off topic and talk about other “geek” culture and stupid shit that I am into, beer and Star Wars.  The quality isn’t over the top, but as I am learning about recording techniques and equipment, it doesn’t have to sound “perfect”.  I am trying to make a nice sounding, polished, podcast that is audible candy, these guys just sound like they are sitting around a table talking into a couple of microphones about what ever!!!  This truly inspires me if anything, and that is what I take away from this podcast.

You’ve probably heard us mention him a few times in the most recent episodes, that fan is Scott Sykora, and he is The Beardcaster. Scott’s also, pretty much, awesome, and has been able to even give us a few pointers for our audio, which you’ve been able to enjoy the beginnings of from the past couple episodes of the Attack of the Beards Cast.

The Beardcaster Podcast is a show that more or less picks up on the bearding community where we probably fall flat. Every episode, Scott interviews a different bearded men (and a ladies with honorary beards) and they discuss beard care and beard life, as well as a few jokes and stories that come to mind. Scott records the podcast on location with his guests, and you get the feeling that you’re really sitting at the table with them when you’re listening to it. I find it very comfortable and relaxing, like I’m sitting with a couple friends, and we’re having a good time.

Scott’s said it before, and I agree, I could definitely see us hanging out and having a good time just talking about nothing, and one day, it would be great to get him on the show, once we’re technologically savvy enough to get callers (read: Kolin’s working on some crazy, convoluted solution so we can have good audio quality).

So, if you think our beards are too wimpy, or just want the smooth, velvety voice of a real beardsman entering your ear parts, head on over to The Beardcaster and give him a listen! Also, give him a like on Facebook, and follow the Beardcaster Twitter!



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