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Let’s See a Movie is a show dedicated to the car ride to and from the movie theater. The anticipation of stories that are about to be told, and the reactions immediately after. We’re not exactly professional movie critics by any stretch of the imagination, but we are people who genuinely love movies. So, what you’re about to experience is an unscripted, uncut, conversation between two people just before and right after seeing a movie (in this case: Deadpool 2). And, yes, there are spoilers! Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

This time around, Kolin and Sarah see Deadpool 2 from Marvel but not Marvel. Overall, we enjoyed the movie for what it is: a sequel. There were A LOT of good bits in the movie, there’s no doubting that, but I feel as though there weren’t many longer portions of the movie that were good. If that makes sense. The overall storyline is very heartwarming, and it turns out to really be a family sort of film. It does say something, though, when the general consensus is that the mid-credits scenes are the most Deadpool scenes. Personally, I think Deadpool 2 was more of a movie about Wade Wilson than Deadpool, we saw more into the depth of what’s really going on behind the mask as well as Wade coming to realization that having his powers come with responsibilities that are more than just stopping the bad guys. Also, I’m disappointed that the Juggernaut was not as he was in the old YouTube videos. Oh well.

Wakanda X-Force Forever!

Sit back, buckle up, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the show!

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Kolin is a tech junkie with a knack for photography. He started playing games on an old 386 PC and an NES. After turning 21, he threw away the days of being a clean-shaven boy and just let his beard grow. When not taking photos, Kolin also publishes podcasts, videos, and fairly opinionated pieces on his site: specialkolin.com

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